Released April 07, 2010

Open Issues

No open issues.

Closed Issues

2010-03-14Program hang loading documents in OSX release build.
2010-02-23Support grouped inset in ExtrudeFaces
2010-02-21Restore BridgeFaces
2010-02-21Add a nag message when using experimental plugins.
2010-02-18Review plugin status
2010-02-05help() in python shell locks up K-3D with 0% CPU usage.
2010-02-03Errors creating VirtualOpenGLSDSPainter at startup with advanced painters disabled
2010-02-03NGUI startup fails on FreeBSD.
2010-02-03Harmless warning messages when ATK is disabled.
2010-01-09Duplicated / instantiated objects aren't visible when rendered.
2010-01-03SDSCorner modifier should produce vertex attributes instead of point attributes.
2010-01-01Add explicit check / nag screen when loading legacy documents.
2010-01-01MakeSDS segfault.
2010-01-01Fix SubdivideFaces.
2010-01-01Fix the Delete modifier implementation.
2010-01-01Fix CatmullClark implementation.
2009-12-29Remove legacy code from JoinPoints.
2009-12-29Remove legacy code from CollapseFaces.
2009-12-29Remove legacy code from DissolveComponents.
2009-12-29Remove legacy code from CollapseEdges.
2009-12-29Pick a better component name for "varying" components.
2009-12-26Ensure primitive attributes are updated correctly.
2009-12-26Ensure polyhedron shells are updated correctly.
2009-12-01MakeCreases has no implementation.
2009-11-21Eliminate legacy mesh code.
2009-09-02By default, automatically select both half-edges in the UI layer.
2009-08-23Selected polygon face colors rendered incorrectly.
2009-08-23Fix broken NURBS tests.
2009-08-23NurbsEditCurveKnotVector segfaults when created.
2009-08-21Restore robust picking.
2009-08-21Restore selection-conversion functionality.
2009-08-15Confirm that all sample documents are working.
2009-08-10Review plugin names
2009-08-03Review plugin categories.
2009-08-03Interactive node selection doesn't update node properties panel.
2009-08-03Paint-deselection broken.
2009-08-03Rubber band selection not visible on OSX.
2009-08-03Edge selection broken.
2009-08-02Fix (non-VBO) SDS painter.
2009-08-02Complete refactoring the set of geometric primitive component names and selections.
2009-07-26Double-check that all scripts are working
2009-07-20Problems with Axes text labels
2009-07-19Pass normals to the LuxRender engine.
2009-07-19Selection issues when moving from 64-bit to 32-bit platforms.
2009-07-19Create a test to ensure that const_cast isn't abused.
2009-06-27Complete LuxRender material set.
2009-05-19Closing main window during tutorial playback causes errors
2009-05-19Make SUSE 10.2, make install, try to run and go boom.. LOL
2009-05-19Viewport update problems with Windows Vista
2009-05-19Segmentation fault on startup (Linux/PPC)
2009-05-195 Segfault right after the splash screen comes up
2009-05-19 Bug while moving vertices, edges and faces on a tutorial
2009-05-195 Bug while moving vertices, edges and faces on a tutorial
2009-05-19bug report for scripting issue
2009-05-19 the program froze and the clicker got stuck in the top left corner and would not let me move
2009-05-19Tried to render
2009-05-19 Segmentation fault (core dumped)
2009-05-195 Rendering of files does not work
2009-05-19Problems with rendering
2009-05-195 Didn't do much of anything exept mess with a tube, and import another tube, tried to render, no preview, no frame render, no nothing, messed with the render settings, tried to make a new one, nothing, saved, quit K3d reloded K3d loaded the file, still can't render.
2009-05-19 Orthographic Toggle doesn't work inside a Tutorial
2009-05-19Segfault connecting an output property to an input property
2009-05-195 when I try to point element, viewport become black, and after it return grid, but I cannot select nothing
2009-05-19 selecting viewport after exiting tutorial
2009-05-19Empty viewport on Windows Vista
2009-05-19Prog quits loading in same place each attempt (see log). Veiwport not active. Pop-up menus, windows,etc won't close ( stay visible in viewport area ) after requested action completes.
2009-05-19Viewport black, unusable.
2009-05-195 Nothing showing in the view port
2009-05-195 Black screen on the work area
2009-05-19keeps just closing (as if i had told it to do so, no error message) when using the tutorial
2009-05-19Viewport Display Not functioning
2009-05-19 vertex selection is not visible
2009-05-195 uuid.random wrongly implemented
2009-05-195 (k3d:26077): GdkGLExt-WARNING **: cannot load PangoFont Segmentation fault (core dumped)
2009-05-19 Mesh disappears after Modify|Mesh|CatmullClark
2009-05-19It can't read the 5th tutorial.
2009-05-19Script with NURBS
2009-05-195 shifted gizmo
2009-05-195 .7.3 crashes (SelectEdgeLoops Undo)
2009-05-195 The 3D view only updates when i hit a buoon that moves or rotates an object
2009-05-195 K-3D crashes on pipeline panel
2009-05-19The last Tutorial cannot be loaded , because of the wrong language
2009-05-19will not let me use polygons
2009-05-19no images come up on viewport
2009-05-19compilation errors
2009-05-07Nothing right
2009-05-07K3D disappeared
2009-05-07black box were the model should be
2009-05-075 The viewport does not update
2009-05-07White Screen on startup
2009-05-07Wiever doesn't show block being still, when moved it diplays. What's wrong? drivers are from ati
2009-05-075 Array out of bounds in point painter
2009-05-075 Tutorial and Examples - Panel Basics - Timeline short description - continue - Error executing script
2009-05-07 k3d 0.7.8 does not build in x86_64 arch
2009-05-07k3d should use cmake's module to find system boost
2009-05-07 Fatal error "Caught unknown exception"
2009-05-07lots of soft of this packages are unsigned , loaded from mandriva 2008.0.rpm.I586
2009-05-07K-3D viewport onlys shows a black screen when starting application while Compiz fusion enabled on Ubuntu 8.04
2009-05-07the K-3D wont start
2009-05-075 the viewport is black and i can't see anything thats on it,,, and every window i open leaves a print on the screen like it won't go away
2009-05-07programs not starting
2009-05-075 Das Tutorial Skript Nr. 5 stürzt ab
2009-05-07program freezing
2009-05-07My Viewport is Blank. No Grid/ Axis Lines
2009-05-06My view port is blank. does not show coordinates.
2009-05-06Fatal Error
2009-05-06 viewport black except when clicking
2009-05-06assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget, event)' failed
2009-05-06The Tutorial Crashed
2009-05-06the screens gone crazy, just a mess of colors, fresh install, could be driver issue.
2009-05-06hings keep freezing and images stay up even after they've been exited out of
2009-05-06The 3d environment view is not stable; scrambles and freezes when moving objects
2009-05-06K-3D Fatal Error - Caught unknown exception.
2009-05-06k3d crashes. File not saved. Frame not saved
2009-05-06build error
2009-05-06Desktop is all horz lines
2009-05-06when doing "unparent", the software crashes.
2009-05-06CMakeCache.txt have wrong path
2009-05-06viewport doesn't work
2009-05-06closed tutorial window, created nurb sphere, app crashed - ID: 2761553
2009-05-06Doesn't work with Windows 7
2009-05-06Tutorial Error
2009-04-30Create a test to validate that code never calls exit().
2009-04-29Generic Selection Refactoring
2009-04-29Generic Primitive Refactoring

Release Log

2009-04-29 01:21 UTCTimothy M. Shead <>created
2010-04-07 04:41 UTCTimothy M. Shead <>released