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Open Issues

2010-07-04Add LuxRender usage to the Guide.
2010-07-04Add information on materials to the Guide.
2010-07-04Make the K-3D guide readable from the NGUI.
2010-05-22Add filtering to the Node List Panel.
2009-08-02Fix Collada reader.
2009-05-19Python Script: bug on Document.delete_node()
2009-05-17Replace 'mesh' with 'geometry' in all classes / tests / documentation
2009-05-08Create a test to validate copyright notices.
2009-04-30Create tests to ensure that new code uses the standard K-3D types.
2009-04-29Hint Refactoring

Closed Issues

2010-10-08Owning document not visible in the NGUIPythonShellDialog context.
2010-10-08Segfault using autocompletion in the NGUIPythonShellDialog
2010-05-14Eliminate libuuid dependency.
2010-02-23Add support for binary STL files to STLMeshReader and STLMeshWriter.

Release Log

2010-05-14 04:28 UTCTimothy M. Shead <>created