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Open Issues

2010-04-17Material Manager crashes
2010-04-04Revisit how to properly interpolate integer attributes.
2010-03-17Create DissolveEdges and DissolvePoints modifiers.
2010-02-27Add support for merging polyhedra.
2010-02-23Optionally create 'back' faces in ExtrudeFaces.
2010-01-19Transform manipulators don't appear when selecting in transform mode
2010-01-02Problems selecting points in instanced geometry.
2009-12-29Remove legacy code from BevelFaces.
2009-12-29Remove legacy code from FilletEdges
2009-12-19Provide manual creation of points.
2009-11-24Display component selections when adding a selection modifier.
2009-11-14Support display of non-SI units of measure.
2009-08-23Create image-based regression tests for reference painters.
2009-08-03Need alternative interaction modes for use with trackpads.
2009-08-03NURBS OpenGL rendering weird on OSX
2009-08-02Separate cuda bitmap functionality from cuda mesh functionality that doesn't build.
2009-08-02Fix cuda mesh functionality.
2009-07-14RenderManArrayXD plugins should be more generic.
2009-06-27Texture baking from RM SL to bitmaps.
2009-06-27GUI widgets to help users know direction and orientation of lights.
2009-06-27Use the solar position data in other parts of the pipeline.
2009-05-19ConnectVertices problem with concave polys
2009-05-19shortcuts assignment is wacky
2009-05-19 BevelFaces only works on one face at a time?
2009-05-19 We need edge bevelling
2009-05-195 Animation rendering code can't handle negative time values
2009-05-195 Prompt for camera when splitting viewport panel
2009-05-19Manipulators dissapear when changing the selection mode.
2009-05-195 Cannot correctly Undo a "Delete All" from a script
2009-05-195 "Duplicated" nodes after importing a .k3d
2009-05-19Rotate and Scale Tools don't work around correct center
2009-05-195 Rotate manipulator works wrong on multiple viewports
2009-05-195 After importing k3d file, render doesnt work.
2009-05-195 Mouse jumps to right screen border with manipulators
2009-05-19Normals flipped when extruding 0 m
2009-05-19User properties Order and NullOutputScript
2009-05-06Path User Properties are not well serialized
2009-05-065 Components move via typeng wont be saved
2009-05-06Polygon meshes and NURBS meshes don't snap when translated.

Closed Issues

2010-01-01Fix MergeCoplanarFaces.
2010-01-01Fix MergeCollinearEdges.
2009-05-19Modifiers break per-face attributes (among others)
2009-05-17Update regression tests to use CMake labels
2009-04-29Replace interactive tutorial code with ATK-based tests

Release Log

2009-04-29 01:22 UTCTimothy M. Shead <>created